For bookings/contact: mitchelpolderman @ hotmail . com

DJ Redrum, in real life known as Mitchel Polderman, isn't the typical Early Rave dj that you would expect.
Although he's only 21 years old, he knows how to make his crowd feel like it's 1995 all over again.

Redrum's interest in Hardcore started at a young age, being spoiled by his older neighbour kids with tapes and flyers.
And as his interest in Hardcore got more serious as he got older, he started collecting records and playing on events in 2005.
He still loves digging into the past looking for tunes everyone has forgotten about or haven't heard before,
to make sure his set feels like back in the days. Redrum has already played on several top-notch hardcore events
such as Hardcore4life, Mindcontroller, Nightmare outdoor, and he features as one of the resident DJ's at this years
'Neophyte Records - Creators of the core' tour. His sets are best described as uplifting and energetic,
and are guaranteed to get the whole party on the go!

Keep an eye out for him, coming soon to 'a trip down memory lane' near you...

The '20-minute-murdermixes' feature several promotional early rave mixes and will all be available soon, for more info follow Redrum on Soundcloud